Welcome to the neighborhood!

Hey! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Katie here checking in, and welcoming you to a place to get updates on our growing mini farm, floral design, trash to treasures, and hope you’ll share some dirty hands and smiles with us. I truly didn’t expect 2019 to take the turn it did but I am so glad following my dreams has brought me here!

Let’s go back…

As long as I can remember I would find a reason to pick flowers anywhere we went, and my parents were gardening fools. Every year our garden would be full of veggies to the point we had to share, which was probably the biggest reason they grew so much. I was born to 2 of the most loving parents, lucky me! I learned over the years how to garden and found a love for helping. Except when it came to pinching caterpillars. I still can’t do it at 35 years old, lol. That’s what my dad and Cody are for anyways (Trust me Cody saves me from huge spiders too). I can remember camping at many different destinations and picking all the wildflowers I could and making bouquets for everyone. Sometimes I would pick flowers every stop along family trips, I’m sure that’s where my passion for florals came from. I can remember the lantana growing at my Aunt Christine’s house and picking bunches then picking every little flower and tossing them to the ground. I loved the smell soooo much!


May 10th, 1996, I was in 6th grade while in after school program a teacher from the high school (her daughter was a student in our school) brought in some flowers for us to make Mothers Day bouquets with. That day I knew my true heart passion. I made bouquets for all the kids who didn’t want to make one, lol. That lady one day turned into my high school teacher. I knew I had to take her class that every year leading up to the elective years in high school I thought about this teacher. I learned some of my biggest lessons in life through her class and the years I was able to spend learning from her. I will NEVER forget the friendships, bonds, life lessons, and failures we had in that class. It all leads me to today.


May 30th, 2019, I started following my passion at the beginning of 2019 and giving it a name on March 3rd, 2019. Almost 3 months in and well along the way of sharing my true passion with all of you.

Thank you so much for taking your time to get to know why I started The Neighborhood!


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