Childhood Memories…

Ever have a childhood memory that always followed you?

Let’s go back… My Uncle David used to have an amazing garden full of all different things in his front and backyard. The one plant that really caught my attention was the amaranth. The stock is the same color red as the flower. The amazing texture that amaranth provided in dried arrangements my mom had in the entryway. I would shake the seeds into my hand, who knows where I put them after that. 😂 I had dreams of having a garden with all the beautiful flowers my uncle grew.

Let’s fast forward to today… This is my very 1st amaranth flower gown by me. I am amazed at the beauty of the plant alone, but to be able to share these flowers with my Fall Brides and beyond is a dream come true.

I can’t wait to share how big these beautiful giants will grow. You’ll be amazed.

Thanks, Uncle Dave for planting a seed in my heart. 😘


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