The First 3 Months…

We just finished our first 3 months as new growers of cut flowers, it hasn’t all been easy. I’ve learned some lessons.

1st. Straw: NEVER in the garden. It’s not a great pathway cover (unless you want your pathway to grow taller than your flowers). After this season I’ll be killing straw for years to come.

2nd. Planting Seeds: If you spend money on good seeds, only plant 1! The first sets I planted I got 2 it 3 plants per plug (the trays our feelings are plated in). You also don’t need 400 plants seeded for a row of 100.

3rd. Some Seeds Just Won’t Grow: Sometimes things choose not to grow. Just move on or try again. It’s not worth fretting over the little things. Just remember where you planted them because sometimes if you seed directly into the ground it could take a year to see growth.

4th. Start Your Seedlings EARLY. I didn’t get an early start this year because we didn’t start this dream till March. Next year ill have the greenhouse going by Jan.

The first year of farming is for the blunders. I’ve been able to learn so much from watching others and asking questions about how they farm.

Here’s to the next 3 months of summer blooms!

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