Wedding Season Is In Full Swing

I can’t believe we are in the middle of September already?!? Where did this year go?

We had a birthday this past week. Our youngest turned 5. I am so excited to watch him grow up, but I am in a place where I want him to stay small for a LOT longer. Our older boys are in junior high, and I am not as cool as I once was to them. Luckily Collin is excited to help me run my business and be a part of the action. Just recently he asked me to purchase him some “Wedding Day” work clothes and boots. So he can be dressed nicely for our events. I call that a score!

We are in the middle of our busiest season. These next 3 months are jam-packed with LOTS of flowering events. As a high schooler, I dreamt of the day that I could deliver flowers to a bride just before she walked down the aisle. My dreams have fully blossomed, and here we are today. I can’t wait to share with you the wedding we have this weekend. It is going to be stunning. Remember those hanging vases I shared with you a couple of weeks ago? We will be hanging those in the chapel. We also have 192 feet of garland and hundreds of roses. Stay tuned for a photo drop coming next week!

Until then, bloom where you are planted!


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